autotagFill vorbis files with metadata from musicbrainzThomas Albers Raviola6 months
chainsLisp inspired programming language for generation of markup textThomas Albers Raviola9 weeks
cl-openclOpenCL bindings for Common LispThomas Albers Raviola6 months
game-of-lifeSimple implementation of Conway's Game of Life written in Common LispThomas Albers Raviola2 months
guix-thomaslabsPersonal guix channelThomas Albers Raviola3 months
linsolverToy implementation of gaussian elimination with partial pivotingThomas Albers Raviola7 weeks
nbodyN-Body simulation written in Common LispThomas Albers Raviola2 months
routesRouting library for handling SCGI requestsThomas Albers Raviola2 months
schroedinger[no description]Thomas Albers Raviola12 hours
thomaslabs-siteSource code of my websiteThomas Albers Raviola6 months
z80-sandboxCollection of small test programs for my Z80 based computerThomas Albers Raviola6 months
zbootloaderBootloader for the zeta computerThomas Albers Raviola6 months
zupUpload utility for zbootloaderThomas Albers Raviola6 months